K180 Mirror
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K180 Mirror


Small goggle – big vision. The asymmetrical, anatomic lens design of the K180 offers a natural watertight fit with integrated curved lenses for a wide field of vision in a low profile goggle. The soft gaskets and adjustable nose bridge ensure ultimate comfort.

Lens Options:

  • Mirror: Highest light filtering lens. Good for bright light and outdoor conditions.
  • Smoke/Tinted: Significant reduction of light transmission. Good for bright light and outdoor conditions.
  • Clear: Maximum visibility. Good for low light and indoor conditions.


  • Engineered with Exo-Core technology combining two materials for maximum performance
    • Ultra soft Softeril gasket provides maximum comfort and a leak resistant seal
    • Semi-rigid exoskeleton maximizes the structural strength and stability of the goggle
  • Mirrored finish for maximum visibility in bright light situations
  • 180-degree panoramic vision
  • Anatomic lens shape for water-tight fit
  • Curved lens and integrated strap loop enhances hydrodynamics
  • Easy-adjust head strap
  • 100% UV protection
  • 3 interchangeable nose bridges
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